New paper from lab alum Sarah Sterner!

With co-advisor Clare Aslan (NAU SES) and co-author Todd Chaudhry (National Park Service), Sarah found that forest management approaches across multiple agencies shapes ecological responses to major wildfires. 

Sterner, S.A.**, C.E. Aslan, R.J. Best, and T. Chaudhry. 2022. Forest management effects on vegetation regeneration after a high severity wildfire: A case study in the southern Cascade range. Forest Ecology and Management 520: 120394. link

Using the Reading Fire as a case study crossing Lassen National Park and Lassen National Forest boundaries, Sarah showed that both management before a fire, such as fire suppression or harvesting, and management after a fire, such as restoration and replanting, shaped the composition and density of forest vegetation. Sarah combined both field surveys and remote sensing to assemble both short and long-term perspectives on fire and forest management, which is increasingly important to understand across the warming American West. You can read her paper here!