links & resources

Phylogenetics software and tutorials

SSU-ALIGN: extremely useful software for structural alignment of the 18S rRNA gene

Bodega Phylogenetics Workshop: great online tutorials for both reconstructing and using phylogenies

CIPRES Science Network: online access to computing power for phylogenetics

epiphytes on eelgrass

Amphipod identification

John Chapman’s Gammaridea chapter in the Light and Smith Manual (for OR – central CA)

keythumbFor amphipods in northern California, Natalie Caulk and I put together a picture-based key (based on the Chapman chapter). If you’re working on these species contact me for a copy!


World Register of Marine Species

Encyclopedia of Life

Seagrass ecology

Zostera Experimental Network: experimentally testing grazer and nutrient effects on seagrass health at sites around the globe