Kaitlen presents the lab’s first work on insect traits in stock ponds

Kaitlen Bieber presented her work on the prevalence of different aquatic invertebrate breathing strategies in low vs. high elevation ponds at the NAU UGRADS research symposium today. Terrific job identifying all those bugs and discussing their distribution under climate change, Kaitlen, and have fun on your upcoming international adventures! We look forward to hearing about all your future research adventures.

Joe presents his NASA Space Grant Internship work

Joe Sweet presented his work on remote sensing of seasonal water availability in thousands of small stock ponds across northern Arizona at the NAU UGRADS research symposium today. Joe also presented this work at the Arizona Space Grant Statewide Symposium in Tucson earlier this month. Joe did great work all year using Semi-Automatic Classification of multi-spectral Sentinel-2 imagery to figure out when and where aquatic habitats are available across the steep climate and elevation gradients that characterize the Southwest. Thanks NASA Space Grant and collaborator Dr. Dan Buscombe, and congrats Joe! Space Grant Interns are also featured in the student spotlight of NAU News today.